Project Management

At Ingénium Construction our services equip our clients with a staff that that offers complete control of the project. Whether for construction, alteration, renovation or planned maintenance, Ingénium Construction provides clients support to ensure business continuity.

At Ingénium Construction, our strength is our team of construction and engineering specialists. We determine the right solution for your needs and assess the scope in terms of project constraints, solutions, budgets and timelines and integrate our work using the EPCM approach.

Project Planning

Our team of engineering and construction specialists can help you with various aspects of your project:

  • Defining project criteria
  • Defining budgets
  • Setting timelines
  • Identifying resources


Ingénium Construction will take charge of every aspect of procurement and logistic for your project.

  • Issuance of tenders
  • Subcontractor selection
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving quality control

Project Management and Control

The most valuable part of a project is making sure it gets done on schedule. Ingénium Construction has an exemplary record when it comes to meeting project quality standards and timelines.

Ingénium Construction carries out onsite project control and monitoring so immediate action can be taken if discrepancies are found that may compromise compliance with the project timeline.

Our project management system ensures that your organization has a consistent vision of work progress:

  • Quality control
  • Project timeline
  • Health and safety
  • Budget
  • Environment